Training For Educational Professionals

Positive Behavior Support Strategies

Positive Behavior Support Strategies are based on the Principals of Applied Behavior Analysis. These strategies are designed to decrease unwanted behavior and increase appropriate behavior in your classroom throughout the day.

We often get asked…

  • How do you get the children in your classroom to follow through with your instructions?
  • What do I do when I have tried everything? you feel like you have tried everything to stop it?
  • Why do I even keep showing up to the classroom when I am not able to teach?

The more you search for answers, the more confusing it can become. The more techniques you try to implement, the more unpredictable your response to the behavior becomes.
This is how PBSS for Educational Professionals was developed. Through using Applied Behavior Analysis, we are able to teach Educational Professionals to implement strategies within their classroom to teach new skills to decrease unwanted behavior.

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach in a way the child can learn. -Ignacio Estrada.


In person consultation

Our in-person classroom consultation services aim to support educational professionals in effectively teaching social-emotional skills to enhance desirable behavior and manage unwanted behavior within the classroom. During our in-person observation, our consultants will demonstrate techniques, provide opportunities for professionals to practice the techniques, and offer feedback on the implementation. This collaborative approach fosters skill development and empowers educators to create a positive and supportive learning environment for all children specific to their classroom. Frequency of consultation is specific for each classroom, but many classrooms are able to implement techniques within 2-4 consultations.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development, both in-person and on-demand, offers a distinctive behavioral perspective to define and address unwanted behaviors in the classroom.

Our professional development focuses on breaking down social and emotional skills into manageable steps and increasing opportunities throughout the day to teach these skills effectively empowering educators with practical strategies to promote appropriate behavior and create a supportive learning environment for all children.



Proudly Serving the Following Minnesota & South Carolina Locations

Behavioral Dimensions is currently providing Intensive Behavioral Intervention Services in the following Minnesota areas: The Twin Cities metro and surrounding suburbs including Isanti, East Bethel, and Cambridge areas, Duluth, St. Cloud, Alexandria, and Marshall. We also proudly provide services in the following South Carolina Counties Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens, Oconee

Behavioral Dimensions Minnesota Behavioral Dimensions South Carolina

Currently seeking to fill positions in the Twin Cities, Marshall, and St. Cloud areas

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