Learn About The Short-Term Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (STACT) Program

The Short-Term Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (STACT) program is designed to support adolescents and teens with autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other mental health conditions. The brief nature of this service encourages individuals to develop independence with managing their mental wellbeing.

The STACT program uses acceptance and commitment therapy strategies to foster psychological flexibility, which is the ability to adapt to the present moment and make choices based on values rather than avoidance of discomfort. By developing psychological flexibility, individuals can cultivate a richer, more meaningful life despite the inevitable challenges that arise.

Our skilled clinicians will assess the client’s current areas of strength and areas for improvement. With this information, the clinician will work with the client to develop an individualized treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is in place, the core phase of services will begin. The core phase consists of a total of 6 telehealth sessions that are typically scheduled at a rate of 1x/week. The program concludes with the generalization phase, which consists of 2 telehealth sessions that are typically scheduled biweekly. While the core phase focuses primarily on the development of skills, the generalization phase focuses primarily on implementing the client’s newly learned skills.

All BDI’s services are tailored to support your family’s specific cultural needs. We consider the family’s communication style, parenting practices, and culture when developing supports. The level of service intensity is based on a combination of several factors including the individual’s needs, family/caregiver’s needs, the potential for behavioral escalation or deterioration, and further development of severe behaviors. The STACT program benefits individuals who have already developed emotion regulation skills necessary to maintain physical safety. If physical safety is a current concern for the individual, a clinician will help you and your family connect with a more appropriate service.

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