Learn about Toilet Training


Learning to use the toilet is an essential skill for all individuals; however, this skill does not come easily for everyone, especially children with unique learning needs.  Behavioral Dimensions offers toilet training services with a positive and structured approach.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) provides intensive training to caregivers on procedures that can be used to improve compliance and increase independence with toileting skills across a variety of settings.


All training takes place in the family home.  The training is designed to be used with children with developmental disabilities as well as typically developing children.  Once a caregiver receives the training they will be able to implement the techniques with their other children.


There are some pre-requisite skills the child will need to increase the likelihood of success.

Some signs that indicate a child is ready to be toilet trained:

  • Can stay dry in a diaper for 2 hours or longer
  • Is able to walk easily to the bathroom by themselves
  • Can pull pants down independently
  • Can communicate wants/needs to a caregiver (verbal, picture communication, or     signs/gestures)
  • Can follow simple instructions without high rates of problem behaviors (including sitting on the toilet when instructed)


If your child does not have these skills, training with caregivers may occur to prepare the child for a successful toilet training experience.  In some situations, training on how to prevent and respond to challenging behavior that may occur related to toilet training may be included in the caregiver training.


BDI also offers toilet training services targeting:

  • Bowel incontinence
  • Nighttime toilet training
  • Encouraging initiations/independence for previously toilet trained/scheduled trained individuals


A medical evaluation may be required before beginning services to rule out any biological concerns. There are several options for funding the toilet training.  Funding may be provided through:

  • Private pay
  • Waiver
  • Medical Assistance which requires a current diagnostic assessment completed within the past six months


Common questions about toilet training:

Time Commitment:  An intensive toilet training day can range from 4-8 hours, with follow up either with in-home visits or phone call check-ins.


Length of Service:  The typical duration is 2-6 months, some cases require services for 1-2 years depending on scope of toileting challenges.


Where services take place:   Services occur in the child’s home and the caregiver must be present.


If you are interested in receiving these services, please complete the intake packet.


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