Learn about Focused Behavior Intervention (FBI)


The FBI program is a designed to improve the child’s  behavioral symptoms of autism and other qualifying disorders that most interfere with the acquisition of adaptive skills and  participation with family members, teachers, peers, and others.   The level of service intensity is based on the severity of symptoms and the child’s potential for behavioral escalation, deterioration, or further development of maladaptive behaviors. Usually service intensity ranges from 4-20 hours a week. Common skill domains include Learning to learn (remaining calm during transitions); Independent and Social Play Skills, Functional Receptive Language (understanding and complying with the requests or instructions of others) and Functional Expressive Language (strengthen existing communication modalities while teaching new functional communication).



Children who demonstrate a slower but steady learning rate in the IBI program may move to the FBI program as they prepare for a transition to school and other therapies.  A significant component in the success of the FBI program is family skills training, where parents first learn to generalize skills taught to their child in sessions with the therapist, and then learn to use specific strategies to obtain and maintain low rates of problem behavior and high rates of compliance with their child.  Parents may be taught to develop and use any additional supports their child needs, as well as developing strategies to manage new behavioral issues.  Parents can also access BDI’s specialized consultation in toilet training, eating issues, sleeping issues, and community activities.


Common questions about the FBI program:

Who should receive this service? FBI services are for children with qualifying mental health disorders such as autism, disruptive behavior disorder and stereotypic movement disorder.


What is the time commitment?  BDI psychologists will  determine the level of intensity needed to remediate the presenting problems.  Individual skills training will be scheduled in 3- 3 ½ hr. shifts, with those shifts taking place between 7:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday.  Family skills training occurs regularly each week and can be scheduled after 4:00pm if needed.


What is the length of service? The length of treatment can range from 1-3 years.


Where do the services take place? Services occur in the child or caregiver’s home; a caregiver needs to be in the home during the services.


What type of participation is required by the family? A family member is minimally required to meet with the senior therapist weekly to review the progress made that week.  A family member also needs to be available each week to receive General Interaction Strategies (GIS) training:  parent training program specifically designed to provide families with the tools to obtain and maintain low rates of their child’s problem behavior, facilitate the generalization of skills learned in 1:1 sessions to the natural environment, and teach new skills as the child ages.  This training is ongoing through the length of the service.


If you are interested in receiving services, please complete the FBI intake packet.

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