Behavioral Dimensions Research and Data Analytics Services

“A data analyst who understands education and mental health services.”

Dr. John Hoch, Ph.D., LP

There are lots of analysts who can run statistical analyses or machine learning algorithms. Many data analytics services can create dashboards and visualizations from your data. Very few understand psychometrics, behavior analysis, and clinical mental health services.

As a data analyst, I never stop using my “clinical eye” to understand the context of the data I’m working on. I have experience working in educational data, behavioral data, and physiological data (cardiac, EEG, Skin Conductance data). I have administered and interpreted hundreds of psychological assessments (e.g. IQ tests, behavioral measures).  I have a specific area of expertise in designing and analyzing behavioral observation data and I have years of direct care experience and training in Applied Behavior Analysis as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapies.

We will not waste time running every possible correlation between measures, and you will not have to teach me about your interventions, populations, and outcome measures. I know how to interview teachers and clinicians to turn their clinical intuition into data insights.

I work in the free, open-source R platform to extract data, find important relationships, and make them clearly visible. I create “click and run” automated PDF reports or dashboard applications that allow easy annual reporting or tailored data exploration.

I can help you design better data-tracking tools using platforms such as Google and Microsoft 365 applications. I can “recover” quantitative data from messy text fields, folders full of Excel workbooks, and other unstructured data sources. I have experience extracting data from electronic medical records platforms and other database queries using SQL. I have designed and managed survey data collection, created outcome measures, and analyzed existing treatment plan progress data. I’ll integrate your data across different sources (e.g. claims data and clinical progress measures). I can complete scientific literature searches to help identify similar analyses or to generate publication-ready work.

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Research on IBI

There is a great deal of research supporting the effectiveness of an ABA program. A number of studies have shown that almost half of the children receiving an intensive ABA program succeed in regular education, require minimal or NO support at all from specialists, and often become indistinguishable from their peers. That is our goal too!

And we are proud to say we regularly meet this goal. Roughly half of our toddlers enter regular first grade. We have many children whose parents report that no one at their child’s school knows or knew that their child had autism. Being able to offer a service that produces such amazing results is why BDI is here. We’d love to serve your child too!