Learn about the Positive Behavioral Supports for Caregivers (PBSC) Program: Minnesota Only

The PBSC program is designed to assist parents and caregivers to support children with autism and related conditions to be successful in the home and community.

The principals of applied behavior analysis are used in this intervention package. A goal is to replace the child’s unwanted or interfering behavior with appropriate alternative behavior. Our talented behavior analysts evaluate why a particular behavior occurs and then teams with parents and caregivers to develop Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS), so they are able to facilitate the child’s use of appropriate or adaptive behaviors (e.g., strengthening communication, developing play skills, using coping skills ‘in the moment’) and decrease the use of interfering/unwanted behavior (e.g., upsets, tantrums, aggression, self-injury).

Caregiver involvement is the key factor in the success of the PBSC program. Caregivers learn skills based on positive interventions necessary to obtain and maintain low rates of interfering/unwanted behavior and high rates of appropriate and adaptive behaviors. Caregivers may be taught to develop and use any additional supports the child needs, as well as developing strategies to manage new behavioral issues. An outcome of these services is to equip parents and caregivers with the tools necessary to assess, program for and independently implement effective strategies resulting in positive behavior change.

Caregivers can also access BDI’s specialized consultation in toilet training, eating issues, sleeping issues, and community activities.

Our services are tailored to support your family’s specific cultural needs. We consider the family’s communication style, parenting practices, and individual family culture when developing supports. The level of service intensity is based on several factors, including the individual’s and family/caregiver’s needs, the potential for behavioral escalation or deterioration, and further development of severe behaviors. Service intensity ranges from one session once or twice per month to 9-hours each week.

Common Questions About the PBSC Program:

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