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Learn Applied Behavior Analysis

Learn to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) while working with children with a wide variety of abilities. What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? ABA is a set of rigorous, data-driven practices ground in over 50 years of peer-referred evidence in the treatment of disordered behavior and skill deficits. Currently ABA is prevalent in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders but is also a critical component of successful intervention in traumatic brain injury, disruptive and oppositional behavior disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities. *Standards of Practice for Applied Behavior Analysis in Minnesota, Prepared by the Minnesota Northland Association for Behavior Analysts (09/2012)

Support and Supervision by Mental Health Professionals

Supervision and training are provided by licensed psychologists, licensed professional clinical counselors, and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts. Many of our senior staff are board certified in behavior analysis. This team of highly trained professionals works closely together to optimize each child’s progress. Behavioral Therapists receive many hours of initial training and then ongoing supervision, training, and support as they develop their ever-growing skill set. Many resources are available to Behavioral Therapists so that they can continue to grow professionally.

Flexible Hours

We employ many college students and are able to work around busy school schedules.

Promotion Opportunities

BDI is committed to each child we serve, and have the same commitment to our staff. The majority of our senior staff have been with Behavioral Dimensions for 10 years or more. This has enabled us to constantly improve our program so more children benefit. In some cases, we are able to provide supervised internships and practicums.

BDI Fully Supports Advanced Degrees, Certification, and Licensure

We are fully committed to the field of behavior analysis, and have been practicing behavior analysis since 1997. We support individuals who are interested in pursuing certification in behavior analysis.
BDI is extremely familiar with the systems and processes for individuals interested in obtaining advanced degrees, certifications, and licensure at the graduate level. We can support staff who are seeking certification in behavior analysis at the undergraduate (BCaBA) and graduate levels (BCBA). We provide free supervision for those interested in meeting the requirements outline by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

Our Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) are also able to provide free supervision to those interested in becoming licensed as a clinical counselor. We have practicum opportunities and provide free supervision to students pursuing licensure. Students pursuing licensure may receive excellent training in supporting individuals with a variety of mental health needs as well as a solid background in behavior analysis. This combination of training and experience will lead to employees gaining experience in a variety of effective disciplines.

In some cases we are able to offer tuition reimbursement for those competing graduate programs.


Certification and licensure opportunities supported by highly trained staff.

Learn effective behavioral techniques and gain experience for your career.

Family and health comes first for our team. Always.

Paid internships available.

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Behavioral Dimensions is currently providing Intensive Behavioral Intervention Services in the following Minnesota areas: The Twin Cities metro and surrounding suburbs including Isanti, East Bethel, and Cambridge areas, Duluth, St. Cloud, Alexandria, and Marshall. We also proudly provide services in the following South Carolina Counties Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens, Oconee

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Currently seeking to fill positions in the Twin Cities, Marshall, and St. Cloud areas