Behavioral Dimensions specializes in treating Autism in Minnesota

Now serving Marshall, MN!

  • We teach your child to fully participate in, not just adjust to, our world.
  • We want our clients to become fully functioning members of their family and school. 
  • Roughly half of our toddlers enter regular first grade.
  • We have many children whose parents report that no one at their child’s school knows or knew that their child had autism. 

Behavioral Dimensions (BDI) has been providing comprehensive applied behavior analysis (ABA ) services to children with autism for close to twenty years.  We call this program Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI). Our main mission is to bring children’s language and social skills up to age level.  Our program is designed to teach children to communicate successfully with others, using a variety of methods, such as talking, gestures, picture systems or even written words. We teach them to understand the language of others, especially from parents and other family members.  We address play skills, both independent and interactive play and begin working on their social skills right from the beginning. We want our clients to become fully functioning members of their family and school.  This is a big goal to accomplish and may take 1 – 3 years of intensive work. But it is truly worth this investment when we can help children return to the mainstream and participate fully in their family and community. For more information on our IBI program, click here.

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